I-Vac In-line Stainless Steel Vacuum Packaging machine

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • High pressure wash down
  • Auto in-feed product conveyor
  • Advanced servo technology and electronics
  • Sanitation enhanced by machine footprint, stainless steel construction and high pressure wash down capabilities
  • 9 Patents Issued or Pending

Industry Leading Sanitation

  • Complete wash down capabilities
  • No dead spaces inside or outside of the machine
  • Minimizes flat surfaces and hidden cavities above and beyond competitive products
  • Air is evacuated from I-Vac’s chamber to the flow technology system versus recycling air from chamber to chamber in competing equipment 100% stainless steel construction
  • Valve control and timing systems are fully electronic compared to existing mechanical cam controlled valves which are difficult to sanitize

Enhanced Features

  • Machine design provides an efficient footprint to facilitate plant layout
  • Continuous motion in-line machine
  • Chamber mounted seal bars reduces change time and cost of seal wires by over 70% By sealing from top side of bag, seal wire life is extended.
  • Adhesive assisted construction substantially reduces welds and fasteners
  • Electronic servo driven caming for improved reliability  
  • Patented vacuum valve allows machine to achieve vacuum levels under 1 torr

Raymond Advanced Vacuum Valve and Flow Technology System