VP190 Technical Information:

Package Draw Depth: 7.5” Deep Draw

Standard Web Width: 340mm-720mm (13.4”-28.4”)

Standard Index 230mm – 584mm (9”-23”)


  • Electrical Supply: 480 Y/277 VAC 3 PH, w/ grounded neutral 80 Amp, 60/50 Hz Connected with 1-1/2” NPT Electrical Drop
  • Air Supply: 40 CFM dry air at 80-90 psig 1” Feed (Must be clean dry air) Connected with 3/4” NPT Air Drop
  • Cooling Water: 30-50 GPH @ 40 psi, 40-50 Fahrenheit Connected with two (2) 1/2” NPT Water In and Out


Additional Machine Capabilities:

  • Flexible & semi-rigid films
  • Vacuum and MAP
  • Plug assist – low profile
  • Single and multi-lane zipper systems
  • Cutting: Match meta/full punch, contour, steel rule, guillotine, rotary, rotary score
  • Labeling, top & bottom
  • Hole punch for pegboard
  • Trim scrap removal – vacuum canister or wind-up
  • Printed film registration
Belt/Clip Film Advance
  • No stretching as found with industry standard chain systems
  • Ultra sanitary – no lubrication required or chain tracks to fill with debris
  • No costly chain replacement
Acrylic Machine Guarding
  • Protects critical components
  • See-through view of inner machine workings for easier maintenance, troubleshooting and sanitation
  • Ensures safety for those in close contact with the machine
Award-Winning Swing-Out Electrical Enclosure
  • CP Packaging pioneered the innovative swing-out design that has won Control Engineering’s ‘Control Panel Design Award’
  • Allows for easy sanitation and service
  • Electrical troubleshooting can be accomplished without entering any panel
  • Elimination of remotely mounted panel allows easier installation and reduces costs
Lift Systems
  • Compact lift design maximizes performance in a small footprint
  • Servo drive system with integrated electronic self-referencing and self-diagnostics
  • Quick removal tooling for efficient product changeover
Patented Adhesive Assisted Construction
  • Weld free – no harborage points for bacteria
  • Provides surface-to-surface hermetic seal
  • Modular frame design allows machine to be broken down for easy shipping and component addition